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October 13, 2019


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Tips for Buying a Paramotor

A paramotor is a new invention in the flight industry in recent times, ensuring that the industry is keeping up with the recent technological development. If you are one of the people who have an insatiable urge towards flying, a paramotor is one means of the flight you can choose as it allows you to control yourself during the flight. Once you find a paramotor for sale, understand that it is different from another you might see so don’t just make the assumption when shopping for one. When you are ready to buy a paramotor; you should base your decision on the factors below.

To be able to launch off the ground, you will need adequate thrust from the engine and this will be determined by your body weight. During paramotor flight, there are certain obstacles that you are supposed to climb over, which will not be possible if you are too heavy for your engine. Paramotors are usually available with electric or manual starters and before buying one, you must consider which one will suit you better.
Depending on the style of the flight you choose, you should see details of a paramotor to ensure it will suit your preferred flying style. When you are shopping for a paramotor at Aerolight, you should consider the overall weight of a paramotor, including your chosen engine. You must understand that lots of things contribute to the overall weight of the paramotor, including a paramotor helmet you will be wearing during the flight.

When you go shopping for a paramotor from a distributor like Aerolight, ensure you choose a paramotor which you can easily transport from the launch site home. Before buying a paramotor, consider the dealer you are buying from, because just like any other product, there are both good and bad paramotor manufacturers. check it out! to see the paramotor with the clutched engine and the one with non clutched engine, and then make a choice based on what you feel fits your needs and wants.

Since some of the paramotor parts can be very costly, find out if the manufacturer can offer replacements if they break. Check out the frame strength of the paramotor, especially if you are this exercise which means you have very little experience. You should check it out and know the overall amount you will need to purchase one without exceeding your budget while getting one of good quality. A good paramotor can be quite challenging to find but the tips elaborated above can help find the right one.