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May 3, 2019


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Be a Pro Golfer but First, Enroll in a Golf School

Golf is the kind of sport that is not as tiring and physically demanding as other sports and still, it is able to generate massive attention and many because of this, many individuals are interested to learn how to play it. Say for example that you are excited with the idea of learning how to play golf, then it will be critical that you find a golf school that is reliable and respected. It is due to the reason that this golf academy you’re going to choose will be teaching you the basic principles of the game, provide highly experienced instructors, good facilities, assist you to constantly rank up and a lot more.

It is strongly recommended that you take time to read more because in the following paragraphs, you’ll understand how to make the right selection for golf schools.

Number 1. Ranking of golf school – among the sought after rankings for golf school is done by prestigious golf magazines. Many of these publications are respected and very popular and they use different categories in rating the school.

Number 2. Teaching principles – preferably, you want to go with a school that has a low ratio of instructor to student that is combined with a lower price. Basically, what you want is less frequent individual lesson then more about one on one time. Before you enroll in a golf school, it is best if you do some inquiries on the instructor about their teaching principles and make sure that they’re fit with your style of learning.

Number 3. Quality of instructors – you must request qualifications as well as name of instructors who are teaching in the school. It is better if the instructor is certified and preferably, given by a known body like Professional Golf Association or PGA or either via United States Golf Teachers’ Federation or USGTF or Professional Golf Teachers Association of America or PGTAA. Good thing is, paying a visit to Harrington Golf Academy ensure that you have this information readily available.

The reason to why certifications from these groups are important is because for instance, before an instructor gets certification from PGA, it will first take them years of apprenticeship and playing. So if the instructor is PGA-certified, you know that they are qualified to teach.

Number 4. Quality of facilities – the school should be able to measure your swing’s speed and record it so they can show you your progress; basically there are several other facilities that the school should provide to you. To be able to know what are these critical facilities, visit this page and get more info..