What Are Step Up And Step Down Transformers?

February 11, 2018


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An Industrial Transformer is the most influential device that is used to transform electrical energy from one device to another with the help of mutual induction. For this purpose, you will not require a direct electrical connection between the two and the operation of mutual induction is carried between two windings of the device. It is available in the huge range to serve the industries with the complete requirements. The range includes Control, Auto, Three Phase, Step Down, Step Up, Isolation, Rectifier, and Special Purpose Transformers among various others. Each variant has different working but all of them provide a constant supply of power at last.

Among the variants of the wide range, Step Down and Step Up transformers work alike their names i.e. step down has the core function of regulating the high voltage and provide low voltage to the devices as per their requirements and step up does just opposite of this. Both devices have same construction and design but the different lies in their working. The working of both can be switched easily, such that any of them can work as step up or step down transformer. This depends on the energy flow direction. Let’s understand the difference between the both deeply.

Step Down Transformers –

It has the power to convert the high voltage output into the low current, as there are multiple devices that demand for a certain amount of power.
The device has two windings as other variants i.e. primary and secondary, the secondary winding has the fewer turns as the primary one. This means primary side has lower current value than the secondary side.
The potential difference between the voltage requirement and output is stepped down with the help of the device for the greater efficiency.
The step down transformers are designed to provide low voltage value and are suitable for different electronic equipment. For example, the daily used battery charges have the set up of the transformer as it demands for low power supply.

Step Up Transformers –

The iron core has primary winding with less turns and the secondary one has around 10 times more turns, which helps to provide high voltage current as per the requirement.
The input of the voltage is actually lower than its output so the device is employed for the stepping up the input and provides the required output with the constant supply of the same.
The device is used widely in the various electronics as well as electrical applications, which require voltage boosting for the better operation.