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April 1, 2023


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Stephen Handelman John Jay College: Discovering the Impact of Stephen Handelman’s Work at John Jay College

Stephen Handelman John Jay College of Criminal Justice is known worldwide as a leading institute for educating and training law enforcement professionals. Although many people may not know his name, Stephen Handelman played a significant role in the evolution of this prestigious college. Handelman served as the Director of the Center on Media, Crime, and Justice at John Jay, overseeing numerous initiatives to bring attention to criminal justice issues in the media. This article will explore Stephen Handelman John Jay College and the impact of Stephen Handelman’s work at John Jay College.

In 2006, Stephen Handelman John Jay College was tasked with establishing a media center dedicated to covering problems related to criminal justice. He founded the Center on Media, Crime, and Justice to facilitate communication between criminal justice journalists and academics. The center aimed to promote more ethical reporting on crime and justice issues and increase the public’s knowledge of these topics. The center’s goals were realized because of the foresight and leadership of Stephen Handelman of John Jay College.

Stephen Handelman John Jay College established the Criminal Justice Journalism program. Through this initiative, the institution can host workshops, seminars, and briefings for the media on various topics related to criminal justice. Journalists have benefited from the program by gaining a deeper appreciation for the difficulties encountered by those working in the criminal justice system, such as police misconduct, false convictions, and the use of force.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Stephen Handelman John Jay College hosts the Harry Frank Guggenheim Conference on Crime in America yearly. The symposium has been going strong for fifteen years, making it a staple event in the criminal justice calendar. Journalists, scholars, politicians, and practitioners gather yearly at the conference to discuss the system’s most pressing problems. The symposium has played an essential role in bridging the gap between the criminal justice community and the media.

For Stephen Handelman, John Jay College will always be remembered as the place where the Crime Report was first published. The criminal justice system in the United States is the subject of daily posts on this website. The Crime Report is an excellent reference for current events and developments in criminal justice. The fellowship program that Handelman helped create provides financial support to journalists covering criminal justice for various publications.

Ultimately, Stephen Handelman John Jay College has significantly impacted the criminal justice world. His vision for the Center on Media, Crime, and Justice has led to better reporting, more informed policymakers, and a more engaged public. The legacy of his work continues today, as the center remains a leader in criminal justice media.